Agricultural System

SMAJAYU provide farmers with precise and efficient solutions that highly increase production capacity.

Surveying & Engineering

Built-in Bluetooth, radio, storage, positioning,inertial navigation, antenna and other modules to meet various needs of measurement work.

Focus On Good, Agricultural Systems

The traditional sowing and harvesting work has low labor efficiency and serious loss . Using SMAJAYU navigation system equipment can greatly improve the operation efficiency, and ensure the operation quality. Maximize crop yields and enhance overall farm productivity.


Agricultural Navigation

SMAJAYU Agriculture System

  • Easily perform various farming tasks
  • Enhance the productivity of farm

RTK mobile station/RTK base station


  • RTK mobile station/RTK base station
  • Built-in inertial navigation module, fast calibration
  • Built-in transceiver integrated radio module

Agricultural System Applications

SMAJAYU agriculture gps system

In the field of agriculture, the system is suitable for tractors, rice transplanters, plant protection machines, harvesters and other agricultural machinery of multiple brands. It is used in arable land, rice transplanting, sowing, fertilization, spraying and harvesting occasions to improve work quality and efficiency.

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gps rover

R26 Rover+Base

R26 Surveying System Rover+Base

  • Supporting multi-satellite system full-band satellite signal reception.
  • Higher Accuracy and Precision
  • Engineered For Field Use


JY100 Tractor GNSS Guidance System

  • With a 10-inch waterproof tablet
  • High Precision GNSS Antenna
  • Portable and easy to install
  • Support CORS account for precision


JY305 Tractor GNSS Auto-Steering System

  • 2.5cm accurate RTK auto-steer for tractor
  • Highly integrated system
  • 10.1’’ touch screen control tablet
  • Support CORS account for precision