JYS100 Intelligent spray system

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The system is mainly used in coordination with the spray rod sprayer for precise and quantitative spraying chemical herbicide insecticide or spraying micro-fertilizer, which is widely used in cotton, corn, soybean, wheat, rice, potato and other crops, plant protection operations of Chinese herbal herbage and other agricultural spraying operations


The terminal displays the remaining amount of medicine cabinet in real time;


Terminal real-time return operation area;


It can be used with autonomous driving and intelligent spraying;


Based on flow control, higher control accuracy;


Can directly control 1-20 section valve;


Real-time display of operation track, halfway to add the drug back can quickly find the unsprayed area;

What is a Intelligent spray control system


Intelligent spray control system using satellite navigation system positioning, speed and other data, combined with pressure sensor, flow meter and
other sensor information, through the controller automation, intelligent way to control the opening size of the on-off valve, the ratio of the valve to
achieve in different operating speeds, the system can realize the liquid state of fertilizer, medicine for uniform spraying. Can avoid due to human
control and other factors, at different working speeds lead to excessive or small amounts of drug fertilizer spraying, drug damage, fertilizer damage
or can not play the corresponding effect. The use of the system can avoid or reduce the occurrence of such phenomenon, so as to further realize
the precise and precise spraying control of the dosing machine.


It's capable of autonomous driving and intelligent spraying


principle of the product


The user sets parameters such as spray amplitude, number of nozzles and target spray amount in the display control terminal. The GNSS receiver
transmits the received satellite signals to the display to provide speed and position information for the system, and the parameters obtained
by the sensor are also transmitted to the display screen.


After starting the spraying operation, the system calculates the target spraying rate according to the parameters set by the vehicle speed,
and compares it with the current spraying rate measured by the flowmeter. The spraying quantity is changed by controlling the opening
degree of the flow valve, so as to keep the current spraying rate target spraying rate. The system uses the closed-loop control algorithm
to realize the precise control of the spray.


It can meet the requirements of higher control accuracy.


Product Advantage


  • Through the coordinate and speed information of the satellite positioning system, the precise automatic control of spray at different speeds is realized.
  • The dosage per mu (per hectare) can be set according to the need, and the system will be precise and automatic control.
  • With auxiliary navigation system, showing deviation from navigation line, reduce leakage or repeated spraying.
  • Real-time drawing operation track, display operation area, display repetition and leakage.
  • A variety of terminal options, support 7 ", 10 "and other color terminal display.
  • Operation information return, cloud real-time monitoring of operation location, dosage, operation area, etc.
  • Operation quality assessment (area, dosage, control accuracy, various early warning tips, etc.), improve operation quality, reduce labor intensity.

Monitor job processes in real time.



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