Precision land leveling is the practice of achieving precise and uniform ground contours in agriculture and construction. It involves the precise adjustment of land surfaces to match specific grades and elevations, resulting in improved soil fertility, efficient water management, and enhanced construction quality. SMAJAYU's Blade Control Sensor for Tractors, exemplified by the JYL20 system, revolutionizes precision land leveling. This advanced technology comprises essential components such as a control table, a high-precision controller, an HD camera, the A10 GNSS antenna, and the GNSS LAND LEVELING software. Together, these elements enable farmers and construction professionals to achieve unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in land leveling tasks. The importance of precision land leveling cannot be overstated, as it plays a pivotal role in optimizing crop yields, conserving water resources, and reducing construction costs.

Understanding SMAJAYU's Blade Control Sensor

Overview of SMAJAYU's Technology

The JYL20 GNSS land leveling system from SMAJAYU represents a pinnacle of precision and performance in land leveling technology. Key features include:

  • High Precision and Performance: This system is renowned for its exceptional accuracy and high-performance capabilities. It sets a new standard for precise land leveling operations.
  • Visual Operation Map: The inclusion of a visual operation map simplifies the leveling process, providing operators with a clear and intuitive interface for guidance and control.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The system seamlessly integrates with various leveling machinery, including shovels, scrapers, bulldozers, and graders. It offers guidance and control functionalities to ensure accurate leveling, reducing operator fatigue and technical demands.
  • Multi-Purpose Tool: Beyond common farmland leveling, it is adaptable for grid field transformations, wasteland reclamation, dry land conversion, and surface leveling, making it an indispensable tool for diverse land management tasks.

Key Features of the Blade Control Sensor

SMAJAYU's Blade Control Sensor is composed of critical components that contribute to its effectiveness and adaptability:

  • Compatibility: The sensor is designed to match multiple scraper types, ensuring its versatility and applicability across different machinery.
  • Strong Adaptability: It can operate effectively even in challenging conditions, such as sandy or dusty environments, ensuring reliable performance regardless of weather conditions.
  • Precision and Efficiency: The sensor enhances efficiency by up to 20%, making land leveling operations more time-effective and cost-efficient.
  • Scalability: It is equipped with scalable features, including auto-steering, guidance, and smart sprayer compatibility, offering room for future expansion and integration.

How the Sensor Enhances Precision in Land Leveling

The Blade Control Sensor significantly boosts precision in land leveling through several mechanisms:

  • Real-time GNSS guidance: By leveraging real-time GNSS data, the sensor provides precise positioning information. Equipment operators are guided to achieve the desired land contour with high accuracy.
  • Data Integration: The sensor seamlessly integrates data from a variety of sources, including GNSS antennas, cameras and software. To create a comprehensive, accurate image of the leveling process.
  • Automatic adjustment: Provide automatic adjustment function. Enables machinery to adapt to changing terrain conditions in real time, further improving accuracy.
  • Visual Feedback: The sensor’s visual interface provides operators with a clear visual representation of the land grading process. Empowering them to make informed decisions for the best results.

Benefits of Precision Land Leveling

Increase Yield

Utilizing the GNSS Land Leveling System for precise land leveling yields significant benefits, including a remarkable increase in agricultural production by 20-30% compared to traditional leveling techniques, especially on previously unleveled land. These impressive results are achieved by applying the optimal amount of water for plant growth. The uniform water distribution enhances the germination environment and plant growth conditions, leading to higher crop yields.

Save Irrigation Water

Precision land leveling ensures that irrigation water is utilized to its fullest potential. By evenly distributing water across the field, it prevents uneven water flow that can lead to increased irrigation costs. This efficient use of water resources not only conserves water but also reduces irrigation expenses.

Save Measurement Costs

Implementing the GNSS Land Leveling System eliminates the need to hire expensive survey teams for land elevation measurements. With just a brief training session, anyone can quickly and accurately measure land elevation, reducing the associated measurement costs and simplifying the process.

Reduce Fertilizer Loss

Precise land leveling provides multiple benefits, including minimizing fertilizer loss during irrigation and drainage. When the field is level, both water and fertilizer can be precisely targeted at the plant roots, significantly reducing the loss of fertilizers during irrigation operations. This conservation practice leads to cost savings and more environmentally sustainable farming.

Control High Location Soil

Precision land leveling is instrumental in managing high-ground areas effectively. It allows for the accurate leveling of high terrain to achieve uniform height distribution, preventing water erosion and the accumulation of high soil in lower areas. This control over soil distribution safeguards against soil loss and degradation, maintaining soil quality for improved agricultural productivity.

SMAJAYU’s GNSS land grading system doesn’t just improve accuracy. It also brings substantial benefits ranging from increased production to resource conservation and cost reduction. Making it a valuable asset for modern farming and land management.

Applications of SMAJAYU's Blade Control Sensor

SMAJAYU's Blade Control Sensor boasts versatile applications across a spectrum of agricultural machinery and tasks:

  • Tractors: It is well-suited for tractors, enhancing precision in various farming operations.
  • Harvesting Machines: The sensor is adaptable to harvesting machinery, ensuring accurate and efficient crop harvesting.
  • Plant Protection Machinery: It enhances precision in plant protection operations, optimizing pesticide application.
  • Rice Transplanting: The sensor is valuable for rice transplanting, facilitating precise and efficient transplantation.
  • Wide Range of Agricultural Vehicles: It can be integrated with different agricultural vehicles, supporting applications in sowing, cultivating, trenching, ridging, spraying pesticides, land consolidation, and more.

SMAJAYU's Blade Control Sensor extends its capabilities to diverse agricultural tasks, offering enhanced accuracy and efficiency in various farming operations.

Functionality of SMAJAYU's Blade Control Sensor

High Land Leveling Accuracy

Flattening accuracy: The system achieves excellent flattening accuracy of up to ±2.5 cm. Ensure accurate and consistent smoothing results.

Efficiency-Boosting Features

  • Operation Tracking: The sensor provides an operation track, high and low terrain map, and an intuitive interface, enhancing leveling efficiency by up to 30%.
  • Base Station-Free Operation: There is no need to set up a base station, allowing for unrestricted working distances and simplified setup.
  • Terrain Recognition and Adjustment: The system automatically identifies terrain features and adjusts the plot datum, increasing operational efficiency by 20%.

Robust Performance in Challenging Conditions

Adverse Weather Compatibility: The system is designed to operate seamlessly under challenging conditions such as day, night, wind, dust, and haze.

Versatile Control Modes and Real-time Feedback

Manual and Automatic Control: The sensor offers both manual and automatic control modes for motor graders. It provides real-time display of datum plane and height information on a tablet interface.

Automatic leveling: In automatic mode, the system automatically levels the site according to the set reference plane. Supports slope and horizontal site leveling.

Information Management and Visualization

Information upload: The system supports information uploading to the platform and WeChat applet. Provides real-time data on system status, working hours, location, region, etc.

Terrain Visualization: Terrain information is displayed in various colors, greatly enhancing work efficiency. Operators can assess field height and leveling in real-time, resulting in efficiency improvements of over 40%.

Compatibility and Cost Savings

Integration Capability: The on-board terminal is compatible with SMAJAYU's Autopilot system, intelligent spray system, driving assistance system, and more, reducing the overall equipment purchase cost.

Experience the Future of Precision Land Leveling with SMAJAYU's Blade Control Sensor – Embrace Efficiency and Sustainability Today!

SMAJAYU's Blade Control Sensor for Tractors establishes an unprecedented benchmark in precision land leveling, reshaping the landscape of agriculture and construction practices. Its exceptional precision, adaptability, and efficiency not only boost yields, preserve resources, and cut expenses but also thrive in challenging conditions. Real-time feedback and compatibility with diverse equipment further elevate its significance. SMAJAYU's Blade Control Sensor heralds a groundbreaking era in land management, promising a future defined by precision and sustainable land leveling.