What does Survey Solutions mean?

Using either computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) or computer-assisted web interviewing, it is a platform for conducting online and offline surveys (CAWI). It offers a user-friendly design and creation interface for surveys and sophisticated administration features for difficult survey activities.

  • These Solutions combine user-friendly rapid questionnaire creation and powerful administration features for intricate CAPI/CAWI, requiring little to no programming and no connectivity during interviews. After synchronization, data may be checked right away. These include maps, reports on the work in progress, and status reports. 
  • Cases may be modified at any moment, and interviewers may adjust their wording. Survey Solution provides reliable management solutions that are easy to use for large-scale surveys.
  • This Solution lets users set up and manage their own local or cloud server instead of provisioning a server for clients. Please refer to our documentation for detailed instructions, cost-planning tools, and responses to frequently asked questions. 
  • These will simplify for you or your IT team to set up this solutions server on your network and continue collecting data without interruption.

Any database may be easily captured:

While creating your surveys, you may quickly and easily capture any type of database, including nested rosters, answers to piped, cascade, and linked questions, barcode scanning, photos, and audio recordings.

  • Scalable and secure: 

These Solutions' server components may be installed on a server in your office or the cloud.

  • Make sure your data are accurate:

Use Power Net to check your answers and regulate the interview's flow; use macros, calculated variables, and lookup tables to develop intricate data validation processes. You may monitor the status of a survey in real time by examining detailed par data.

Principle benefits of implementing Survey Solutions: 

It offers data administration, CAPI/CAWI data collection, and management without scripting.

  • A user-friendly questionnaire maker and survey management. Used in research studies, sample designs like panels, and simple or complex surveys
  • The application may be changed to fit the users' needs, allowing them to complete both simple and difficult jobs successfully.
  • Supervisors can check the data that has been acquired, along with any possible error reports, once interviewers have finished their work.
  • Changes to the questionnaire's structure can be instantly seen on the interviewers' equipment. This enables impromptu updates or problem solutions to be feasible.
  • Without scripting or programming, this system provides a complete solution for survey data administration, collecting, and management. 
  • The platform offers tools for managing data collecting, cleaning, and analysis, along with a graphical user interface for planning and generating surveys. It allows for versatile data collection in various contexts by supporting both CAPI and CAWI methodologies.

What is the goal of the survey solution?

  • This solution aims to offer a complete platform for managing and conducting surveys. The platform provides a user-friendly interface for planning and producing surveys and robust capabilities for storing survey data to make it simpler for businesses and individuals to gather and analyze data from their target demographics.
  • The main objective of Survey Solution is to assist users in collecting reliable and pertinent data from their target audiences, which can then be used to guide decision-making and promote good change. Survey Solutions offers a versatile, effective, and affordable alternative for gathering and analyzing survey data, whether doing research, obtaining feedback, or evaluating programme effects.

Reasons to select Survey Solution:

With an emphasis on simplifying the process of developing, carrying out, and assessing surveys as easily and uncomplicated as possible, this Solution is created to be user-friendly and simple. Intuitive tools for managing data gathering and analysis are available on the platform, along with a graphical user interface for developing surveys. As a result, it is more easily used by people with less technical knowledge, and it takes less time and effort to collect accurate and useful data from target audiences. There are various factors to consider before selecting Survey Solutions as your survey platform:

  • User-friendly design: 

Users without technical knowledge may utilize the platform's straightforward and user-friendly interface to design and create surveys. The graphical user interface offers tools for managing data collecting and analysis and enables the design of surveys without the need for programming or scripting. The user-friendly design seeks to simplify and streamline the survey administration and analysis processes so users can gather useful data from their target demographics.

  • Advanced data management: 

The platform has strong capabilities for data management that can be used to clean, organize, and analyze survey data, making it a viable option for challenging survey projects.

  • Flexible data collecting techniques: 

These Solutions support the CAPI and CAWI methodologies, enabling flexible data gathering in various contexts. This makes the data obtained a helpful tool for making informed decisions by ensuring that it is precise, trustworthy, and representative of the target population.

  • Effective data gathering

The platform is made to cut down on data entry mistakes and to shorten the time and labour needed to gather, manage, and analyze survey data. The platform supports both CAPI and CAWI methodologies, enabling flexible data gathering in various contexts. The platform's data management capabilities are also made to make data input mistakes as rare as possible and to cut down on the time and work needed to gather, organize, and analyze survey data. 

  • Cost-effective alternative: 

This Solution is a cost-effective replacement for conventional survey research techniques since it does not require special software or programming knowledge and requires fewer human data entering.

  • Dependable and secure: 

The platform was created with dependability and security in mind, guaranteeing that survey data is safeguarded and kept securely.


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