It may be challenging to build a farm without RTK autosteering System. It is necessary to plan out every single when farming as agriculture is sensitive work, and you must conduct routine maintenance on every piece of machinery. You need to collect all of the information regarding the location of the tractor in order to adjust its route. It is necessary for a number of different reasons.

The farmer may benefit significantly from the use of GPS in precision farming. When following a route, even the most up-to-date GPS devices could make mistakes that are as much as 10 centimeters off in some instances. It has been recommended that an RTK autosteering System be added to the equipment in order to avoid mistakes of this kind.

When RTK systems are used in agriculture, the margin of error for GPS data is reduced to a few millimeters at most. Suppose the RTK solutions for tractors are appropriately created and are positioned close enough to each other. In that case, you will be able to reduce the margin of error to 1 centimeter with their help.

How Does the RTK System in Agriculture Work?

Consider having a tractor that already has an RTK autosteering System installed. The signal sent by the GPS satellite is received by the base, where it is analyzed.

After then, the signal and any necessary RTK changes are sent to the receiver of the tractor or other equipment. Because of this, the operator receives the most up-to-date information, which, in contrast to the case with conventional GPS navigation, makes it much simpler to create an exact route that is free from distortion.

The use of a standard cellular Internet connection as the foundation transfers the data from the base to the receiver. In situations when there is sufficient coverage, the signal will be received instantly. Multiple RTK networks are often used when working with big farms. An alternate possibility is to get an RTK signal from a base set that is located nearby.

Benefits of Using RTK Technology for Tractors:

  • Efficiency- It enhances both the efficiency of the vehicle and the amount of money spent on gasoline significantly.
  • Repeatability- It guarantees repeatability, often known as the maintenance of accurate coordinates during the course of the vehicle's trajectory.
  • Accuracy with regard to overlap- This approach will reduce the amount of overlap by as much as 0.33% across all machines.
  • Elimination of driver errors- (when determining a route) leads to a reduction in stress for the operator, who therefore experiences less fatigue and tiredness in their job. It results in a reduction of human error.
  • Relax mind and body- While you are operating machinery, having autosteer not only makes all of your other responsibilities more effective but also considerably minimizes the amount of strain that your body is under as a result of those responsibilities. In order to check the rear of your equipment, you will need to maintain an upright stance, which will relax not only your body but also your mind.

Perspectives of Using RTK for Farm

A few years ago, the RTK was priced so high that only the wealthiest farmers and industrial farms could afford it. Due to the exorbitant cost of these systems and the absence of any comparable alternatives, there was not much of a demand for them on the market.

RTK, on the other hand, quickly rose to become one of the most commonly utilized agricultural technologies as its prices fell and its promise for the development of precision farming methods became apparent.

A look forward at the potential applications of RTK technology in agriculture: 

  • RTK networks not only map the area but also collect data that you can analyze and use in the next growing season.
  • The installation of automatic steering on a tractor is made possible by the RTK module, which also contributes to an increase in the tractor's fuel efficiency.
  • The creation of agricultural practices has become more feasible that are more effective of advancements in mobile Internet technology as well as the acceleration of data transport over RTK networks.
  • The proprietor of the farm may also exercise control over the pace at which the vehicles deteriorate, the integrity of the workers and the precision with which you can carry out the predetermined plans will as a result of the RTK autosteering System.

Things to know about RTK tractor:

You will have access to a powerful tractor for a significant number of years if you subscribe to the service pack support offered by a reliable firm like SMAJAYU.

You should also think about any additional maintenance and relevant services that you need to perform remotely if this is at all possible. If you have a quick and easy training method, your operators will be able to utilize the RTK equipment successfully, and the learning process will take less time.

In addition, you have the option of expanding your membership selections or choosing to make use of just the functions that are necessary for your farm. As each component is intended to suit only a particular model of tractor, you need to be prepared to pay for individual subscription packages and receivers for each tractor in your fleet.


The most modern auto-steering systems enable farms of any size to adapt their older or newer tractors with high-performance yet cost-effective conversion kits. You may use these kits to convert the tractors. It makes it possible for the farms to increase their output to its fullest potential, save money on inputs and fuel costs, and achieve sustainable agriculture's fundamental aims. It raises the overall quality of life for those living in rural communities and families Auto-steering systems release the operator's time so that they can focus on the tractor, the tools, and the field, all of which contribute to an increase in productivity and safety. Tractors with SMAJAYU RTK autosteering system will improve the quality of your farm!