We value the efforts of farmers to significantly improve our supply. This is the reason why we have spent the larger part of the past twelve years working on the development of precision farming tools that may assist all farmers in lowering the amount of labour they have to do, enhancing the money they get from their property, and broadening their horizons.GPS system for tractor

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is an essential tool for using techniques of agricultural precision. Without GPS, farming technology such as field sensors, tractor autosteering technologies, agro drones, and farm mapping software would not be much beneficial to farmers. It is feasible that employing GPS systems in tractors for farming can result in increased yields, fewer expenditures, and less time spent on manual labour; however, this will only be the case if your GPS devices are as accurate as they possibly can be. 

Strategies for improving the accuracy of GPS:

In the following paragraphs, we will investigate a variety of strategies for improving the accuracy of GPS antennas used in agriculture.

Common reasons for inaccurate GPS positioning:

It is essential to first define the issues that could limit GPS location accuracy before moving on to examine techniques to improve location precision using GPS. The following are some of the most common factors that contribute to GPS accuracy issues:

  • A global positioning system (GPS) agricultural system is recommended to you in order to monitor the movements of your tractor. It is still possible to achieve a field efficiency of one hundred per cent.
  • When it comes to the day-to-day operations of farming, having a GPS system for a tractor may assist you in more ways than one.
  • With this technology, you cannot only navigate in the dark but also keep track of places, create notes, and employ straightforward navigation.
  • Using a GPS system in agriculture helps them make more money, and the vast majority of farmers are pleased to use these systems.
  • Farmers can minimize the effort they put in and witness the biggest return on their time investment.
GPS system for tractor

Ways to improve the accuracy of GPS:

Following are the ways to improve the accuracy of GPS.

Follow proper procedures when installing the GPS device:

It is essential for accurate location results to ensure that your GPS-enabled device was installed correctly. You have to make sure that there is no obstruction in the way of the antenna's line of sight to the satellites in the sky.

Always keep in mind the importance of leaving adequate space between your GPS and any obstacles:

When utilizing a GPS device, it is in your best interest to steer clear of densely packed areas such as hills, trees, and buildings, as well as power lines. After then, ensure the accurate localization of the device by the use of this method. 

Keep the battery at a full charge:

It is feasible to retain the highest possible level of GPS accuracy by ensuring that the battery is always charged to the point where it can perform at its absolute peak.

Integrate the most advanced GPS technology available:

The hardware used in today's smartphones offers a significant improvement over that found in earlier generations of GPS receivers.

Take up an RTK approach:

You can improve the accuracy of your GPS system using the methods described above, but it will still be exposed to the same range of inaccuracies. Therefore, if you want what your tractor does in the field to be exact within 1 centimetre, the SMAJAYU's RTK system is the finest alternative that you have.

GPS system for tractor:

For instance, in order to run an autosteer system on a tractor, a GPS receiver is absolutely necessary. This piece of machinery falls under the category of necessary tools for precision farming. The effective agricultural operations of today cannot function without the use of technology such as tractor autosteer with GPS system. In the field of agriculture, for example, the SMAJAYU's GPS system for tractor gives farmers the ability to attain centimetre precision across all operations, completely removing the possibility of overlaps between runs.

How SMAJAYU's GPS system for tractors is unique from other brands?

A lot of farmers have inquired about what makes SMAJAYU unique in comparison to other brands. The following is the response of one of the customers which will justify your answer. 

The customer narrates, The SMAJAYU GPS system for tractors appeals to me since it gives the client the freedom to choose according to their requirements. Their team corporation is trustworthy for providing all of the required software. On the other hand, due to the fact that these systems make use of advanced technology, the machine control they provide is better than that of other brands in the market.

Although it is true that every product has its shortcomings, when the total efficacy of the product, as well as its cost, are taken into consideration, SMAJAYU emerges as a clear winner. The Customer Success Team will walk you through the installation and setup processes, providing assistance and direction as needed and ensuring that any prerequisite adjustments are made. Because it is simple and easy to understand, the system is perfect for those who are using it for the first time as well as those who are looking forward."


As you may already be aware, using a Global Positioning System (GPS) in tractors allows you to increase your crops and revenues. Farmers in every region of the world are giving the SMAJAYU product a try and then going home and boasting about it to their loved ones and friends. It illustrates not just the quality of the GPS system for tractor is amazing but also it is potential as a cost-effective way of modernizing older tractors.