Introducing the SMAJAYU R61 4G RTK Base, a cutting-edge GNSS Receiver that stands at the pinnacle of precision technology. This receiver is equipped with a high-precision positioning module, offering an unparalleled on-board real-time navigation solution with exceptional accuracy. Boasting compatibility with all GNSS signals, including GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO, QZSS, and IRNSS, the SMAJAYU R61 ensures comprehensive satellite coverage without incurring additional costs. Its reputation as the best in the market is underlined by its ability to deliver precise positioning across diverse applications. With full constellations and frequency points, the SMAJAYU R61 emerges as a beacon of excellence in the realm of GNSS receivers, setting new standards for accuracy and reliability.

Key Features

Cutting-edge Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Precision

SMAJAYU's R61 GNSS receiver leads in technological advancement, featuring high-precision Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) capabilities. Developed independently, it serves as a versatile Beidou/GNSS network reference station receiver. With built-in Beidou/GNSS high-precision boards, dual 4G full Netcom network modules, and Bluetooth capabilities, the R61 ensures seamless wired and wireless connectivity. This enhances network transmission stability, guaranteeing the reliability and precision of data collection for the reference station.

Exceptional Navigation and Positioning Mastery

Crafted for excellence in diverse applications, the R61 GNSS receiver stands as a potent Beidou/GNSS network reference station receiver. Its applications span network base stations, CORS base stations, Beidou ground-based augmentation networks, and monitoring systems, showcasing remarkable versatility. From precision agriculture to surveying, mapping, intelligent transportation, man-machine interface, and construction machinery industries, the R61 excels in delivering superior navigation and positioning capabilities, ensuring accuracy across varied scenarios.

Sturdy and Enduring Design for Varied Environments

Tailored to endure the rigors of different environments, the R61 GNSS receiver boasts a robust and durable design. Its construction guarantees resilience in the face of challenging conditions, making it a dependable choice for applications in the field, construction sites, and other demanding settings.

Intuitive Interface and Advanced Functionality

Beyond its advanced capabilities, the R61 GNSS receiver offers a user-friendly interface. This ensures users can unlock the technology's full potential without unnecessary complexity. The intuitive design enhances usability, establishing the R61 as a pragmatic and efficient tool for professionals in the field.

Technical Specifications

Advanced Features of SMAJAYU RTK GNSS Receiver

SMAJAYU's RTK GNSS Receiver is equipped with a built-in Beidou/GNSS multi-system multi-frequency high-precision board, ensuring cutting-edge performance. The device features positive and negative polarity reverse connection protection, accommodating a wide voltage power supply with a range between DC9-36V. Its versatility shines through with the ability to seamlessly switch between network and radio base stations, also serving as a mobile station when needed. The inclusion of a standard Ethernet communication interface facilitates high-speed data transmission.

The receiver's adaptability is further highlighted by its capability for remote upgrades and settings, providing users with convenient control and maintenance options. Dual cloud network servers contribute to the device's reliability, ensuring continuous server operation and an uninterrupted network connection.

Wide Compatibility with Devices and Software

The SMAJAYU RTK GNSS Receiver is designed for optimal compatibility with various devices and software. Whether integrating with different hardware components or software applications, this receiver ensures seamless connectivity and interoperability. Users can harness its capabilities across a spectrum of devices and software solutions, enhancing flexibility and usability in diverse technological environments.


Precision Enhancement in Location-Based Applications

The SMAJAYU RTK GNSS Receiver revolutionizes location-based applications by significantly improving accuracy. Whether deployed for urban navigation, geospatial mapping, or precision agriculture, the heightened precision ensures the delivery of reliable and precise location data. This advantage proves critical in applications where pinpoint accuracy is imperative for effective decision-making and operational efficiency.

Efficiency Amplification in Surveying and Mapping Tasks

Surveying and mapping professionals experience a notable boost in efficiency with the SMAJAYU RTK GNSS Receiver. Leveraging advanced high-precision technology, the receiver enables faster and more accurate data collection, streamlining surveying and mapping processes. This not only saves valuable time but also elevates the overall quality and reliability of the collected data.

Productivity Surge in Agriculture, Construction, and Beyond

In the agriculture and construction sectors, the SMAJAYU RTK GNSS Receiver emerges as a game-changer, contributing to increased productivity. Precision agriculture benefits from precisely positioning automated farming equipment and optimizing crop management. In construction, the receiver facilitates precise equipment control, reducing errors and improving project timelines. Its versatile application extends to various industries, fostering productivity by providing accurate location information for diverse operational needs.

Cost-Effective Precision for High-Precision GNSS Needs

The SMAJAYU RTK GNSS Receiver presents a compelling, cost-effective solution for high-precision GNSS requirements. Its advanced features and capabilities are seamlessly integrated at a competitive price point, delivering exceptional value without compromising performance. This affordability democratically opens doors to high-precision GNSS technology, making it accessible to a broader user base and extending the benefits of precise positioning across various professional fields.

Comparison with Competitors

Setting SMAJAYU Apart in the RTK GNSS Landscape

SMAJAYU stands out prominently among its competitors in the RTK GNSS receiver market, anchored by a commitment to cutting-edge technology and innovation. The receiver's distinguishing feature lies in its built-in Beidou/GNSS multi-system multi-frequency high-precision board, ensuring unparalleled performance. Unique attributes such as positive and negative polarity reverse connection protection, a wide voltage power supply range, and the dual functionality as both a network and radio base station contribute to its distinctive position.

Performance, Features, and Value Proposition

SMAJAYU's RTK GNSS Receiver surpasses expectations in terms of performance, boasting features such as a standard Ethernet communication interface for high-speed data transmission. Its value proposition goes beyond technological prowess, incorporating cost-effectiveness. Users receive a comprehensive package that includes remote upgrade and setting capabilities, dual cloud network servers ensuring uninterrupted operation, and compatibility with various devices and software. The receiver's holistic performance, extensive feature set, and cost-effective nature collectively establish it as an outstanding choice in the competitive landscape of RTK GNSS technology.

Customer Support and Warranty

Holistic Customer Support Services

At SMAJAYU, customer satisfaction is paramount, driving us to deliver robust support services. Our comprehensive customer support includes both fundamental assistance and online technical support, catering to a diverse range of issues to ensure a seamless experience. Rely on SMAJAYU for thorough and dependable services meticulously crafted to meet your specific needs and adeptly resolve challenges.

Assurance through Warranty and Post-Purchase Support

Your investment in SMAJAYU is underpinned by a steadfast warranty and after-sales support. We stand firmly behind the quality of our products, offering assurance through an extensive warranty program. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond the point of purchase, providing dedicated after-sales support to promptly address any concerns or inquiries. With SMAJAYU, your acquisition is not only about accessing cutting-edge technology but also securing a reliable partner devoted to your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Transform Precision Into Power

SMAJAYU's RTK GNSS Receiver epitomizes precision and innovation in the field. Boasting advanced features like high-precision RTK technology, superior navigation capabilities, and a resilient design, it excels across diverse applications. The receiver significantly enhances accuracy in location-based applications, streamlines surveying efficiency, and boosts productivity in agriculture and construction. Its cost-effectiveness further solidifies its standing as the top choice in its category. SMAJAYU's unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and comprehensive support services add to its acclaim, establishing it as the preferred solution for those seeking the utmost in RTK GNSS technology. Opt for SMAJAYU – where excellence meets precision.