What is GPS guiding for tractors?

Tractor GPS guidance, commonly called tractor auto-steering or tractor GPS navigation, is a technique that uses GPS to position and guide tractors and other agricultural machinery accurately. It is increasing the precision of field activities like planting, spraying, harvesting, and other chores, aids farmers and operators in achieving accurate and effective farming operations.

GPS navigation systems for tractors often include numerous parts. The main part of the system is a GPS receiver, which talks with satellites to pinpoint the exact location of the tractor on the field. This data is then sent to a display or controller inside the tractor's cab. The operator receives real-time information from the display or controller that displays the tractor's location on a map, guiding lines, and other pertinent information. The tractor's automated steering system will automatically change the steering to maintain the vehicle on the specified path once the user sets the desired path or implement spacing on display.

Features of the JY100 Guidance System:

 By minimizing human and technical skill requirements and directing operations in the right direction, the JY100 Guidance System improves operational accuracy and productivity

  • The tablet measures 10 inches.
  • A precise Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) antenna is present.
  • Its two key advantages are mobility and simplicity of setup.
  • Depending on the accuracy of the CORS system.

To keep your farm up to date, think about switching to a tractor steering system:

The methods, tools, and technology used in agricultural production have significantly transformed in recent years. Due to the introduction of new technology, the tractor steering system in tractors is supporting farmers in realizing important industrial developments. It makes sense why there is such a big demand for autonomous tractors. By 2023, the market for autonomous tractors and other agricultural machinery will be predicted to reach $150 billion. As the rest of the world does, you should advance and switch to the SMAJAYU tractor navigation system.

The Advantages of GPS Tractor Guidance:

There are various advantages to using tractor GPS guiding systems for farmers and businesses in agriculture. Some of the main benefits are as follows:

  • Increased accuracy:

 Accuracy is improved because GPS guiding devices provide farmers access to precise location data for accurate field operations. This precision enhances several processes, including planting, spraying, fertilizing, and harvesting. Farmers may increase output and save money on inputs like seeds, fertilizer, and pesticides by minimizing overlap and mistakes.

  • Enhanced productivity: 

Using GPS guidance, farmers may simplify their operations and use less time and fuel. Tractors and other equipment may be guided accurately by the guidance system, which enables operators to maintain dependable and effective routes across the field. This avoids the need for manual adjustments and guarantees uniform pass spacing.

  • Reduced operator fatigue: 

By automating repeated activities, tractor GPS navigation systems lighten the load on workers. Long days in the field don't have to be mentally and physically taxing for operators since they can rely on the guidance system to keep them on a steady course. This may result in more comfortable operating conditions and less weariness, which raises safety and productivity.

  • Improved field management:

GPS navigation devices make it possible to map and record field operations precisely. Farmers can keep track of their operations, mark the boundaries of their fields, and produce precise maps of their application rates, planting densities, and yield statistics. This knowledge makes better decision-making, finding development opportunities, and optimizing upcoming agricultural practices possible.

  • Data management and analysis: 

GPS guiding systems for tractors produce useful data that may be used to inform decisions. Farmers can gather data on field activities, yield maps, and other characteristics to discover patterns, make wise decisions, and enhance overall farm management. This data-driven strategy may result in more profitable resource consumption and effective resource management.

  • Compatibility with precision farming techniques:

GPS navigation systems are a significant part of precision farming techniques, making them compatible with them. Farmers may apply site-specific management techniques by integrating tractor GPS guidance with additional technologies like remote sensing, drones, and yield monitoring devices. This makes it possible to apply targeted treatments, sample the soil, and create customized interventions, optimizing inputs and reducing environmental effects.

Why are farmers required to use new tractors?

Farmers need modern tractors for several reasons, including:

  • Modern tractors take fewer maintenance breaks, consume less fuel, and cover more land faster. As a result, farmers can increase productivity while saving time and money.
  • Cutting-edge robotics and automation technologies are typically used in modern tractors, which reduce the amount of manual labour required. Farmers that do this could save both time and money.
  • Modern tractors are more comfortable and less prone to result in accidents or injuries thanks to ergonomic design and safety concerns.
  • Farmers can apply herbicides, insecticides, and fertilizers more precisely because of the equipment that comes standard on modern tractors. This can boost agricultural output while reducing its negative effects on the environment.

Why does SMAJAYU top the industry in producing tractor navigation systems?

As you can see, having an older tractor is no longer necessary for farmers who want to employ modern tractor guidance. SMAJAYU has 12 years of experience and several advantages over more well-known companies like John Deere, Topcon, Trimble, and others in the agricultural guidance system market. The improved RTK and manual guiding system guidance kits are only one of several features that distinguish SMAJAYU from its competitors. It is but one advantage among many that SMAJAYU offers. Farmers may use tractors equipped with an RTK system and an auto-steer device to perform agricultural operations with centimeter-level accuracy.


Modern farming operations are using more tractor GPS navigation and control systems. It may boost agricultural production efficiency, lower crop damage risk, and require less labour. Modern SMAJAYU producer tractor GPS guidance was designed to work with older tractors. By combining cutting-edge technology with time-tested farming practices, precision agriculture increases productivity and production. We are designed to help older tractors keep up with recent advancements and performance standards.