In recent times, the precision agriculture auto steer system has emerged as a significant sensation within the agricultural industry, and it is quite probable that this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future. Large farms in industrialized countries have already implemented precision farming practices for quite some time, and now even those with smaller or medium-sized operations are contemplating making the step to the cutting edge. In the end, precision farming is advantageous since it results in lower operating costs, higher levels of output, and more income.

Why precision agriculture is essential?

Due to the fact that many farmers are seeing their business expenditures go up. In contrast, their profits go down, and precision and efficiency in agricultural practices are becoming more critical on farms all over the world. Suppose a farmer or owner of any kind of agricultural business wants to be successful in today's market. In that case, they must make increasing farm productivity while simultaneously reducing operational expenditures a top priority. In this context, the use of a precision agriculture auto steer system might be a helpful tool. In the following sections, we will discuss the several steps of transforming a conventional farm into a precision farm. 

Create a plan for your technologically advanced farm:

Any map of your farm, from the most basic to the most intricate, may be used to assist you in better planning your fields, gaining insight into how to boost production, streamlining your record-keeping operations, and other similar activities. The SMAJAYU's guidelines will help you to create farm maps!

Establish a method for watering the plants:

It is generally known that putting up a modern irrigation system may help farmers save a tonne of water by preventing them from overwatering their crops in an unnecessary manner. In addition, with SMAJAYU's precision agriculture auto steer system you are now able to personalize the watering plan for each unique parcel of land thanks to more advanced irrigation systems that include sensors.

Make an investment in a tractor that has a precision agriculture auto steer system:

In case you were unaware, the addition of an autosteer system to your tractor has the potential to increase your revenues by more than €100 per hectare. Autosteer systems used to be prohibitively expensive for the majority of smaller farms, but there are now a variety of alternatives that are far more economical to choose from. One such example is SMAJAYU, which, while being an experienced, reliable, and well-known autosteer system, may help you achieve precision in farming operations of up to one centimeter. 

Modern tractors make agriculture more precise:

It is difficult for farmers to predict where their money will have the most impact due to the fast development of technology connected to precision farming, despite the fact that these approaches have the potential to increase yields on farms of all sizes. We're going to talk about the ways in which modern tractor autosteer technology may make agriculture more precise.

An explanation of the role that autosteering systems play in tractors:

Autosteer systems are a set of technologies that may be put on a tractor to assist the driver in navigating their path. Farmers can use these technologies independently. Then, by using these methods, it will be possible for them to operate a tractor in an autonomous manner along a predetermined path. Tractors equipped with automated steering need the constant presence of a human driver in the cab, despite the fact that the tractors will guide themselves. In this manner, precision levels that would be impossible to obtain for human operators are now within reach and may be accomplished via the use of automated systems. Autosteering devices such as those produced by SMAJAYU may achieve an accuracy of one centimeter or more when combined with RTK GPS. The use of autosteer systems has made it possible for agriculture to become more accurate, which has resulted in a variety of advantages for farmers.

  • Utilizing an autosteering system on a tractor may result in a potential boost in profits.
  • Farmers can choose to predetermine the sequence in which the tractor will drive across the field in order to decrease the amount of soil compaction that occurs. Because of this, they have a greater degree of control over the process of cultivation and are able to choose a pattern that is easier on the soil.
  • When you are working in the agriculture industry, you need to make sure that there are no empty spots or unnecessary processes.
  • Use the smallest amount necessary to get the desired result on your farms in order to reduce costs and save money on things like fuel, seeds, fertilizer, and herbicides, among other things.

What is important for farmers?

The precision of agricultural operations is something that is important to a lot of farmers, and one way that they may accomplish this goal is by purchasing a tractor autosteer system from SMAJAYU. Suppose you are able to improve the precision with which you carry out agricultural tasks on your farm. In that case, you will not only be able to save money, resources, and time but you will also be able to increase your yields, your profitability, and the amount of time that you do not have to spend directing a tractor.

Recommendation for auto steer system:

precision agriculture auto steer system

SMAJAYU JY305 Auto-Steering System features a motor-controlled steering wheel. It's used on tractors, harvesters, plant protection equipment, rice transplanters, and other agricultural types for precise farming.

The system contains a 4G tablet, a steering wheel motor with a controller, and an angle sensor. It's utilized for sowing, cultivating, trenching, ridging, pesticide spraying, transplanting, land consolidation, and harvesting.


There is a wide variety of alternatives available to you for improving the accuracy of your farm and the effectiveness of your operations; however, you need to investigate each of these possibilities in great detail to determine which ones will give you the most outstanding results. If you want to boost the profitability of your farm, some fantastic places to start include creating accurate maps of your field, modernizing your irrigation system, and adding SMAJAYU's precision agriculture auto steer system to your tractors.