Precision farming has become increasingly vital in modern agriculture, where efficiency and accuracy are paramount for maximizing yields while minimizing resources. In this context, the JY100 GNSS Guidance System for Tractor stands out as a groundbreaking technology, offering farmers unprecedented control and precision in their operations. Developed by leading manufacturer SMAJAYU, this system addresses the critical need for accurate operation line spacing and direction, ultimately enhancing overall efficiency and productivity on the farm.

Accurate Operation Line Spacing and Direction

High Precision Positioning Board: The JY100 guidance system is equipped with a high precision positioning board, eliminating the need for constant connection to a base station. This feature ensures maximum centimeter-level positioning accuracy, crucial for precise farming tasks such as seeding, spraying, and harvesting.

2.5cm Precision RTK Guidance System: With its advanced RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) technology, the JY100 system achieves unparalleled precision, boasting an impressive 2.5cm accuracy. This level of precision enables farmers to execute operations with pinpoint accuracy, reducing overlap and waste while maximizing yield potential.

Cloud-Based Job Information Storage: One of the standout features of the JY100 system is its ability to store job information in the cloud. This allows farmers to access real-time job data and monitor job status remotely, facilitating efficient management and decision-making even when off-site.

User-Friendly Interface and Navigation

Intuitive User Interface: The JY100 system features a user-friendly interface designed with farmers in mind. The 10-inch waterproof tablet provides a clear and intuitive display, with large iconic buttons for easy navigation. This simplifies the operation of the system, ensuring that farmers can quickly access the functions they need without extensive training.

3-Click Navigation Access: Accessibility is key in the field, where time is of the essence. With the JY100 system, farmers can access navigation functions within just three clicks, streamlining the process and minimizing downtime. This intuitive navigation experience makes the system ideal for farmers of all experience levels, from seasoned professionals to those new to precision farming technology.

Customizable Guidance Lines: To further enhance usability, the JY100 system offers customizable guidance lines, including AB straight, ABC straight, and ABC curve options. This flexibility allows farmers to tailor their operations to the specific requirements of their fields, optimizing efficiency and maximizing yield potential.

Robustness and Reliability: Ensuring Continuous Operation in Harsh Environments

Continuous 24-Hour Operation: The JY100 GNSS Guidance System for Tractor, manufactured by SMAJAYU, is engineered for robustness and reliability, capable of operating continuously for 24 hours. This feature is invaluable for farmers who may need to work long hours during critical periods such as planting or harvesting, ensuring uninterrupted productivity without the risk of system failure due to extended use.

Support for GNSS Four-System Full-Band Signal: The JY100 system boasts support for GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) four-system full-band signals, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou. This comprehensive coverage ensures reliable positioning and navigation capabilities even in challenging environments with limited satellite visibility, providing farmers with the confidence to work efficiently regardless of location.

Strong Anti-Interference Ability: In addition to its robust signal support, the JY100 system is equipped with a strong anti-interference ability, capable of withstanding the harshest operating environments. This feature is particularly crucial in agricultural settings where equipment and environmental factors can introduce interference, ensuring consistent and accurate performance in all conditions.

Easy Installation and Portability: Convenience for Farmers

Portable and Easy to Install: SMAJAYU's JY100 Guidance System for Tractor is designed with farmers' convenience in mind, offering portability and ease of installation. Farmers can quickly set up the system on their tractors or other equipment without the need for specialized tools or extensive technical knowledge, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.

Main Accessories Included: Along with the JY100 system, farmers receive essential accessories to enhance their user experience. These accessories may include guidance lines such as AB straight, ABC straight, and ABC curve options, allowing for customizable operation based on field requirements. Additionally, correction types such as CORS (Continuously Operating Reference Station) may be included to further refine positioning accuracy, ensuring optimal performance in varying conditions.

Versatility Across Different Equipment and Locations: The portability of the JY100 system extends beyond easy installation—it enables farmers to use the system across different equipment or locations as needed. Whether switching between tractors or moving to different fields, farmers can rely on the JY100 system to provide consistent and accurate guidance, enhancing operational flexibility and productivity.

Remote Management and Cloud Storage: Enhancing Efficiency through Technology

Benefits of Cloud Storage for Job Information: One of the key advantages of the JY100 guidance system is its integration with cloud storage, enabling farmers to store and access job information remotely. This feature allows farmers to view job status in real-time, monitor progress, and make informed decisions even when away from the field, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

Support for CORS Accounts for Precision: The JY100 system supports CORS accounts, enabling farmers to access precise positioning data for enhanced accuracy in their operations. By leveraging CORS technology, farmers can achieve centimeter-level precision, optimizing resource usage and maximizing yield potential across their fields.

Option for 2.5cm Precision with CORS Correction: For farmers seeking the highest level of precision, the JY100 system offers the option for 2.5cm precision with CORS correction. This level of accuracy is ideal for demanding applications such as row crop planting or precision spraying, where precise operation is essential for maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste.


The JY100 GNSS Guidance System for Tractor from SMAJAYU represents a significant leap forward in precision farming technology. With its unparalleled accuracy, user-friendly interface, and advanced features, this system empowers farmers to take control of their operations with confidence. By ensuring precise operation line spacing and direction, the JY100 system enables farmers to maximize efficiency, reduce manual intervention, and ultimately achieve greater productivity on the farm.

As agriculture continues to evolve, technologies like the JY100 guidance system will play an increasingly crucial role in meeting the challenges of feeding a growing global population while minimizing environmental impact. With SMAJAYU at the forefront of innovation in precision farming, farmers can trust in the reliability and performance of the JY100 system to drive success in their operations.