Accuracy is essential for farming to be both sustainable and productive. Farmers utilizing GNSS receivers effectively may improve productivity and benefit from significant cost savings. SMAJAYU GNSS receivers are helpful for our farmers in various scenarios, ranging from deploying surveys to integrating advanced technology with agricultural machinery. Its most advanced GNSS receivers have additional choices available for farmers regarding agriculture. Continue reading if you are interested in understanding how GNSS receivers may assist you in operating a farm in a manner that is more productive and lucrative.GNSS receiver for tractor

How GNSS Receivers Can Help Your Farm

Following are some of the facts that prove how GNSS receivers can help your farm grow prosperously!

Machine Guidance:

When it comes to spreading fertilizer, seed, or pesticides with pinpoint precision or planting crops correctly, the use of a GNSS receiver for tractor gives a considerable advantage that significantly benefits the whole process. It is possible to steer machines that are equipped with receivers for the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and software for directing them along a specified course. Our farmers can command clear overlaps and blind areas if they precisely locate places down to the centimetre level.

Navigation Utilizing GPS:

Suppose you install a single SMAJAYU GNSS receiver on your tractor and use the corrections that are supplied by the RTK service in your region. In that case, it is possible to attain an accuracy level that is on the centimetre scale with your GNSS receiver for tractor. You can also use two GNSS receivers, one mounted on a tractor and the other you can use as a foundation. It is an alternate method. 

Our beloved farmers can find a solution with SMAJYU GNSS technology. This option is available for farmers who use tractors with SMAJAYU GNSS receivers. It may save you thousands of dollars while still providing precise results to the centimetre level.


Visual assistance and careful route planning are two things that may help farmers reduce the number of fertilizers that they use and increase the likelihood of treating an area more than once. In addition to that, tractors with GNSS receivers consist of characteristics like automated steering. Since auto-steering frees the farmers from the need to manage the vehicle manually, they are better able to concentrate on the work at hand.

With the assistance of a SMAJAYU GNSS receiver and specialized Global navigation satellite system software, your tractors can run without human intervention. The auto-steering function may activate after it has been provided with the exact position of the tractor by the GNSS receiver.

You can cultivate 50 hectares of land using a tractor that has a SMAJAYU GNSS receiver installed. The auto-steering function, together with the visual guidance, assist in getting the task done more quickly while also reducing the amount of wasted fuel and fertilizer. 

Independent Movement:

The ability for machines to calculate their courses and then follow them without the need for a human operator gives them the capability of autonomous navigation. It is feasible to achieve higher levels of output while simultaneously lowering the amount spent on inputs if planting, fertilizing, and harvesting are streamlined. Machinery in good working order drastically cuts down the amount of human effort and increases productivity.

land leveling system JYL20:  

JYL20 GNSS land levelling system is an accurate levelling system with high precision, high performance and a visual operation map.

The system can seamlessly replace the laser grader, can be adapted to common levelling shovels, scrapers, bulldozers, graders and other levelling machinery, realize the guidance and control of levelling machinery, levelling operation to achieve the purpose of accurate levelling, can greatly reduce the operator's fatigue and technical requirements.

It is a sharp tool for common farmland levelling, grid field transformation, wasteland reclamation, dry land conversion and ground surface levelling.

Which GNSS for tractors works more efficiently?

The tractors that use SMAJAYU GNSS receivers work efficiently and precisely, giving you mindblowing results. Let's discuss some of our exceptional R30 GNSS receiver benefits.

  • The user has full access to the device's functionality because of the receiver's architecture, which allows the user to be reconfigured.
  • You can do positioning with a high degree of accuracy, integrity, and compatibility.
  • You can obtain access to raw data to improve the overall quality of solutions.
  • It Offers an RTK Solution of the Highest Industrial Standard
  • It is possible to cover up to 50 kilometres with an accuracy of centimetres. 
  • It can be used for precision agriculture autopilot and RTK Surveying.

Moreover, the tractors that use reliable GNSS receivers like SAMJAYU GNSS receivers are trustable as they have twelve years of experience and provide two years of warranty.


SMAJAYU R30 and R23 GNSS receiver that has precision down to the centimeter level is an excellent option for your agricultural or RTK Surveying aims to attain it. On our website, you'll see a listing of our GNSS receivers for tractor, and you'll also be able to buy the receiver and other products on our website. We are now taking orders; hurry up! The 24/7 online support staff for the GNSS receiver is available to answer any questions you may have about the configuration of your workflow or its administration.