With the use of Real Time Kinematic (RTK) technology sensors, it is possible for the farmers to ascertain both the position and the orientation of an object. In recent years, there has been a growth in the usage of technology that utilizes real-time kinematics in agricultural settings. The key forces behind this expansion are improvements in agricultural planting efficiency as well as increases in crop yields. Farmers and agribusinesses are now able to build comprehensive maps of their fields by using a technique known as real-time kinematic precision agriculture. They are able to drive their tractors and other pieces of agricultural equipment more precisely. This tool is essential for accurate crop mapping as well as crop management.

On which things does RTK depend?

RTK depends on GPS receivers in order to get this level of precision. Because of this pinpoint accuracy, our farmers and agribusinesses are able to deliver seeds and fertilizer to specific parts of their fields, therefore increasing their fields' overall production. Additionally, RTK precision farming assists farmers and agribusinesses in monitoring the development of their crops throughout the growing season. However, when it comes to harvesting choices, optimizing land usage, and reducing agricultural waste, RTK largely depends on all the data they have acquired.

Agriculture RTK advantages for farmers:

Farmers can use RTK in agriculture for a variety of purposes, including drainage, drip irrigation, ground leveling, planting, seeding, and spraying. These applications can be carried out on a wide scale or for more narrowly focused goals. There is a number of benefits associated with using RTK for precision agriculture, some of which are described below.

  • A decrease in the amount of overlapping has led to an increase in the field's overall efficiency.
  • A substantial amount of additional funds has to be put aside for operational resources such as fertilizer.
  • There is the possibility of staying out in the field later, perhaps into the evening.
  • By maximizing the utilization of the equipment, one may cut down on fuel expenses.
  • Reliability is not just in the absence of light but also in the presence of light.
  • Utilization of Real-Time-Knowledge GPS Receivers by Farmers and Growers dives consistent performance.

Utilizing RTK GPS technology may be beneficial to commercial agriculture as well as urban farming in a number of different ways. They can map out their crops with the use of GPS surveying equipment so that they can use the data in the future for managing machines or autonomous driving. SMAJAYU is both a simple and experienced company to provide farmers with Agriculture RTK GPS that is both uncomplicated and affordable to meet all of the farmer's mapping and surveying needs. 

Characteristics of Products manufactured by SMAJAYU:

The SMAJAYU R26 RTK GNSS receiver features a complete suite of mapping, surveying, and navigational capabilities. 

  • It can measure distances with an accuracy of up to one centimeter. 
  • With its exceptional RTK function, it is possible to cover up to 5 kilometers with an accuracy of centimeters. 
  • Because of its compatibility, you will be able to get results that are exact to the centimeter no matter where on earth you are.
  • Even in very frigid temperatures, there is no need to carry any more batteries since the power may last for up to 22 hours when capturing data and up to 16 hours while operating. 
R26 RTK GNSS receiver

The SMAJAYU R30 RTK GNSS receiver has centimeter-level precision and single-band RTK GNSS capabilities; hence it is an excellent option for applications such as surveying, mapping, and navigation in an agricultural field. In addition, this RTK GNSS module is an essential device for precise mapping with an uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) that makes use of a reduced number of ground control points. The following are some of the advantages of using SMAJAYU RTK technology:

  • It is resistant to the rigours of the environment, including dense vegetation, high elevations, extremes of temperature, both hot and cold, and even water.
  • It is safe to immerse it to a depth of one meter for thirty minutes at a time.
  • It standard Ethernet communication interface is convenient to data high-speed network transmission 
  • It can be configured as base station or mobile station to support a variety of operating modes 
  • It is possible to cover up to 50 kilometers with an accuracy of centimeters.

How does SMAJAYU RTK give ease to our hardworking farmers?

As the SMAJAYU RTK system remembers your routes, farmers can carry out subsequent fieldwork with greater efficiency. As a result, there is less of a chance that the soil will become compacted or that the planted rows will be damaged, even when carrying out precise tasks such as in-row weeding and cultivation. Furthermore, because the coordinates of the motion route are stored, you will be able to start up exactly where you left off the next day. Isn't it convenient? 

Your interest in SMAJAYU products will get deeper after reading what we are going to tell you next!

Its autonomous control system boosts productivity by relieving the farmer of the responsibility of paying attention to the steering of the tractor. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood that the operator may sustain an injury since they can devote more of their attention to the implementation.

Agriculture is adjusting to taking advantage of the day-to-day technological developments by increasing its adaptability level to achieve maximum output, and SMAJAYU knows how to keep their farmer up to date!


In conclusion, RTK requires every piece of data it gathers in order to predict the ideal periods for harvesting, maximize the output of agricultural enterprises and farmers' plantations, and reduce the negative effects of their labor on the environment. The agriculture RTK GPS equipment that SMAJAYU offers is one of the items that can fulfill all the requirements. Our devices are intended to help with and meet the needs of our diligent farmers. We appreciate how our farmers work day and night and try to provide us with high-quality vegetables and fruits. We absolutely acknowledge and praise our farmers. As we care for them, we manufacture high-quality products so that they don't face any issues from our side while working. Also, our crew is always available to guide you!