Founded in 2009, SMAJAYU emerged over a decade into a transformative era marked by the shift from traditional farming methods to smart agricultural equipment. Witnessing the technological evolution firsthand, SMAJAYU embraced a new mission dedicated to advancing agriculture. Our commitment lies in fostering the development of agriculture through intelligent solutions. Trustworthiness and reliability are the cornerstones of SMAJAYU's identity, ensuring that farmers can depend on us for innovative, efficient, and sustainable agricultural systems. Join us in revolutionizing agriculture with a partner you can trust – SMAJAYU.

Product Range

SMAJAYU Agriculture Guidance System

Revolutionizing precision farming, our RTK guidance system utilizes GNSS-based technology, achieving unparalleled 2.5cm accuracy. This precision empowers farmers to enhance the efficiency and quality of their operations.

Focus On Good, Agricultural Systems

Addressing the inefficiencies of traditional sowing and harvesting, SMAJAYU's navigation system equipment significantly improves labor efficiency and reduces losses. Maximize crop yields and elevate overall farm productivity with our cutting-edge solutions.

Agricultural Navigation - SMAJAYU Agriculture System

Our comprehensive agriculture system allows farmers to effortlessly perform various tasks, elevating the overall productivity of the farm. From planting to harvesting, SMAJAYU is your trusted partner in agricultural advancement.

Agricultural System Applications

SMAJAYU's agriculture GPS finds applications across various agricultural machinery, including tractors, rice transplanters, plant protection machines, and harvesters. Designed for use in arable land, rice transplanting, sowing, fertilization, spraying, and harvesting, our system enhances work quality and efficiency across diverse farming occasions.

Tractor Assisted Driving Systems

Expertise and Experience

SMAJAYU's Experience in the Agricultural Industry

  • 15 Years of Excellence:

With over 15 years of dedicated service, SMAJAYU has been a trailblazer in the agricultural industry. Our high-precision and affordable RTK GNSS system has catalyzed the widespread adoption of advanced farming technology across farms of all sizes. Integrated with GPS accuracy technology, SMAJAYU's agriculture guidance and auto-steer systems ensure centimeter-level precision, revolutionizing farming practices.

  • Versatile Solutions for Every Farm:

Recognizing the need for flexibility, SMAJAYU provides variable accessories that adhere to industry standards, allowing farmers to use our equipment across a variety of farm vehicles. The user-friendly interface of our software makes field operations easily controllable, ensuring a seamless experience for farmers navigating the intricacies of modern agriculture.

Expertise of the Team in Providing Solutions

At the heart of SMAJAYU's success is our team's unparalleled expertise in providing cutting-edge solutions. Our professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, driving innovation in agricultural technology. Trust SMAJAYU's expert team to deliver solutions that address the unique challenges of the farming industry, paving the way for increased efficiency and productivity.

Customer Benefits

Enhancing Farmer Operations

  • Optimized Efficiency:

SMAJAYU tailors its products to empower farmers through the optimization of daily operations. Our precision-guided systems, featuring RTK GNSS technology, ensure farmers achieve unparalleled accuracy across all aspects of farming – from planting to harvesting. SMAJAYU enhances overall operational efficiency, allowing farmers to concentrate on their core strengths.

  • Versatility and Adaptability:

Farmers derive benefits from the versatility and adaptability inherent in SMAJAYU's solutions. Our variable accessories, crafted to meet industry standards, grant farmers the flexibility to use equipment across various types of farm vehicles. This adaptability ensures that farmers can fully leverage the utility of our products, addressing the specific needs of their diverse agricultural operations.

Driving Productivity, Efficiency, and Sustainability

  • Optimal Crop Yields:

SMAJAYU's unwavering focus on precision and innovation translates directly into increased productivity for farmers. Our advanced technology, exemplified by agriculture guidance and auto-steer systems, maximizes crop yields. Farmers can achieve superior results in terms of both quantity and quality, fostering a more profitable and sustainable farming enterprise.

  • Commitment to Sustainable Practices:

Beyond productivity gains, SMAJAYU actively promotes sustainability in agriculture. Our solutions, meticulously designed to enhance efficiency while minimizing environmental impact, empower farmers to contribute to a more environmentally conscious and ecologically sustainable future. Opt for SMAJAYU to embark on a journey towards heightened productivity, efficiency, and sustainable farming practices.

Sustainability Focus

Commitment to Sustainable Agriculture

  • Pioneering Sustainable Practices:

SMAJAYU stands as a beacon in the agricultural industry, leading the charge towards sustainable practices. Our unwavering commitment extends beyond technological advancements; we aim to redefine the agricultural landscape with sustainability at the forefront. SMAJAYU is dedicated to pioneering practices that foster long-term environmental health.

  • Precision for Sustainable Impact:

Our commitment to sustainability is seamlessly integrated into our products. The precision achieved through our RTK GNSS technology and agriculture guidance systems not only elevates farm efficiency but also minimizes resource wastage. SMAJAYU empowers farmers to make precise decisions that contribute to responsible resource management—a key aspect of sustainable agriculture.

Eco-Friendly Solutions and Practices

  • Innovative Green Solutions:

SMAJAYU takes pride in offering innovative eco-friendly solutions, that align with our environmental responsibility. From development to implementation, our products are designed with a focus on minimizing the ecological footprint of agricultural activities. Farmers can trust SMAJAYU to provide tools that not only enhance productivity but also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

  • Sustainable Farming in Action:

SMAJAYU's solutions actively promote eco-friendly farming practices. By incorporating our systems, farmers become agents of positive environmental change in agriculture. Choose SMAJAYU for a sustainable partnership that not only benefits your farm but also contributes to the broader goal of fostering ecological balance in agriculture.

Quality Assurance

Dedication to Delivering Superior Products

  • Excellence Embodied:

At SMAJAYU, our dedication to excellence is unwavering. We prioritize the delivery of superior products that not only meet but surpass the expectations of our customers. Each offering from SMAJAYU serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to furnishing farmers with cutting-edge solutions that endure the test of time.

  • Dependability You Can Rely On:

Farmers can place their trust in SMAJAYU for products rooted in dependability. Our commitment to delivering top-tier solutions is propelled by the recognition that farmers depend on our products for crucial facets of their operations. SMAJAYU ensures that every product is a steadfast companion in the journey of agricultural progress.

Stringent Quality Control Measures and Standards

  • Precision via Thorough Testing:

SMAJAYU maintains stringent quality control measures to ensure that each product meets the pinnacle of precision and performance standards. Our testing protocols involve thorough assessments, ensuring that every component and system functions seamlessly. Farmers can rest assured in the unwavering quality of SMAJAYU's offerings.

  • Adherence to Industry Benchmarks:

Quality at SMAJAYU is not merely an objective; it is a benchmark. We adhere rigorously to industry standards, ensuring that our products not only meet but often surpass established benchmarks. This steadfast commitment to excellence in quality control underscores SMAJAYU's pledge to provide farmers with tools that elevate efficiency, reliability, and overall operational success. Choose SMAJAYU for a partnership grounded in the assurance of top-notch quality.

Support and Services

24/7 Online Support

SMAJAYU is dedicated to delivering seamless customer support around the clock. Our 24/7 online assistance ensures farmers have continuous access to responsive support. Whether addressing queries, troubleshooting, or providing guidance, SMAJAYU is available at all times to assist farmers in optimizing the benefits of our products.

Post-Purchase Assistance and Maintenance Services

  • 1-Year Warranty Assurance:

SMAJAYU affirms the quality of its products with a robust 1-year warranty. This warranty period reflects our confidence in the durability and reliability of our solutions. In the unlikely event of issues, farmers can rely on SMAJAYU to promptly address concerns and offer the necessary assistance, guaranteeing a seamless post-purchase experience.

  • Commitment to Enduring Support:

Our dedication extends beyond the point of purchase. SMAJAYU places significant emphasis on post-purchase assistance and maintenance services, cultivating enduring partnerships with farmers. Beyond the warranty period, farmers can trust SMAJAYU for continuous support, ensuring sustained success with our agricultural solutions. Choose SMAJAYU for a partnership fortified by comprehensive support and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Final Words

SMAJAYU stands as your unwavering ally in agricultural innovation. With over a decade of expertise, our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as your trusted agricultural system supplier. From precision-guided technologies to eco-friendly solutions, SMAJAYU empowers farmers to optimize operations, increase productivity, and contribute to a sustainable future. Our enduring support, coupled with 24/7 online assistance and a reliable 1-year warranty, ensures a seamless journey with our products. Choose SMAJAYU for a partnership built on quality, innovation, and a shared vision for the advancement of agriculture. Your success is our priority at SMAJAYU – where trust meets technology.